26 Best Memes of Russell Wilson & the Seattle Seahawks Outplaying Cam Newton & the Carolina Panthers

This time, the Carolina Panthers and Cam Newton couldn’t even make it difficult for the Seattle Seahawks, as the memes depict the mistakes the quarterback made, the greatness of Kam Chancellor and Russell Wilson as the Super Bowl champions leap over their first playoff hurdle en route to a repeat.

It’s still early, but the Seahawks finished the season strong and are carrying that momentum into the playoff, with a defense that sometimes feels like it’s impossible to score against and a quarterback that’s simply great, regardless of how good the players are around him. Wilson being 100% on third downs with three passing touchdowns should be enough to prove his ability with some pressure on him.

The comparisons between Wilson and Newton won’t stop here. It’s reported that Wilson might become the highest paid NFL quarterback when the Seahawks sign him to his next deal. Cam Newton is up for a new deal as well, and it’s hard to believe the Panthers don’t sign him to the huge deals we’ve gotten used to seeing when it comes to franchise quarterbacks, but is Newton even in the same league as Wilson?

Whoever comes next, the Seahawks will be playing in the comforts of home, where they’ve beaten the Packers this season and lost to the Dallas Cowboys. Things that happen so early in the season change when the year turns and we enter January. This kind of defense and the no-mistake offense they showcased in their fourth consecutive playoff victory should be enough to make it to the Super Bowl again.

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