18 Best Memes of Saul Canelo Alvarez Knocking Out James Kirkland

Better call Saul

The hangover from the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight isn’t that bad, coming in the form of Saul Canelo Alvarez providing a vicious knockout to the jaw of James Kirkland, resulting in some hilarious memes about the painful moment.

Kirkland was clearly outclassed, slower and not strong enough for a younger and better fighter. Alvarez knocked him down twice (first and third round) before his knockout punch, which came seconds after the referee asked Kirkland to show him that he can carry on fighting, just getting up from another brutal uppercut.

Canelo is now on to Middleweight territory, hoping that his fight with Miguel Cotto goes through. The 24-year old has bounced back quite well from his loss to Floyd Mayweather, where he was outboxed and outclassed for 12 rounds. That, like most Mayweather fights, wasn’t a very interesting 36 minutes for the fans to watch.

This is another side of boxing. Less technical, less about skill ,but a lot more exciting and fun to watch. Two fighters simply slugging it out until one man hits the floor. When it comes down to value out of a fight, this kind is much better.


Kirkland punching bag

Value of tickets

Specialists only

I did it better

Old fashioned beat down

Don't call

Street Fighter knockout

Blue ghost

Canelo at Spring break

He knew

Slow down

His soul out

I'm not that weak

Shoulda listened

Ann Wolfe meme

Red head can fight

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