10 Best Memes of Stephen Curry Breaking Chris Paul’s Ankles

Curry Paul Meme

The ankle breaking Chris Paul went through had more to do with Stephen Curry and him stepping on each other, but the damage is done: Curry crossed him over, Paul fell down, got humiliated and the Golden State Warriors beat the Los Angeles Clippers. The memes remembers the winners and make fun of the losers, they don’t tell the whole truth.

ESPN showed this play on about six or seven replays during their highlight segment of the game. On reddit, the link to the video is about to reach 4000 karma points. The NBA channel on Youtube has this play on two separate videos and other accounts are doing well with this play. It’s going to hit a whole lot of views by the time the counters slow down.

Curry got MVP chants at the end of the game. Paul actually didn’t get outscored, and was more useful to his team than Curry was in the game according to the +/- numbers.

But who cares about analytics and statistics? Curry won the eye test war and that’s all that counts for the superficial NBA fan, which most of us are.

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