16 Best Memes of the Baltimore Ravens Destroying the Pittsburgh Steelers

We’re not used to seeing a Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers game end in such a blowout, but it happens from time to time, which makes meme makers make a lot of fun of the losers, while also focusing on how Roger Goodell and the bounty of flags keep ruining the game.

But first comes how bad the Steelers looked. Maybe people are still blinded by their first half against the Browns and scoring 27 in two quarters, but since then they’ve been able to put up nine points in six quarters without a single touchdown.

The Baltimore Ravens in the meantime didn’t look too shabby. Joe Flacco, without receivers dropping the ball this time, had a great time focusing on the short game, it helps with Pitta and Daniels as his tight ends, opening up for a great running game against a pretty good defense.

The game itself? Too long, too many flags, too many penalties, too many soft calls. Roger Goodell is having problems with something else at the moment, but the movement towards making this as close to flag football as possible isn’t one of this strong points as the NFL’s commissioner.

Steelers towel

The Steelers engine

Flag Football

Before the game

Order of Goodell

New rule

Raven Logo

Steelers fans

Where the NFL is going

Hurt Steelers

Goodell league

Blow out

Meanwhile Ray Rice


Antonio Brown evolution


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