23 Best Memes of the Chicago Bulls Destroying the Milwaukee Bucks

Real life meme

Others in pain is like blood in the water for sharks when it comes to Internet meme makers, not leaving any angle uncovered as they take the Milwaukee Bucks apart even worse than what the Chicago Bulls did to them.

The Bulls beat the Bucks 120-66 in game 6 of the first round playoff series. The Bucks won the two previous games, but the Bulls seemed focused and serious this time, starting strong and breaking the young Bucks’ spirits very early on.

Everyone on the Bulls scored (actually, everyone on the Bucks scored too, but no one did more than 8 points) as the entire starting lineup finished in double figures, a first for this series.

Now it’s on to face and old foe, LeBron James. The Cleveland Cavaliers and the Miami Heat, with him, have always been too good for the Bulls in the playoffs. Maybe now, especially since Kevin Love is injured, things are going to change.

Milwaukee Sucks

Buck hunters

Venison Meme

Bucks are dead



Thought they had a chance

Bucks fans in hiding

Stop Stop

Open sided

We Want

Bambi meme

Rookie mode


Spitting out food

Before & After


Has a family

Not Happy

And they said

Fear the deer

Not this time

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