16 Best Memes of the Chicago Cubs Knocking Out the St. Louis Cardinals

The Chicago Cubs haven’t won the world series, but the memes are celebrating them knocking off the St. Louis Cardinals out of the playoffs like the 117 year wait for a title is over.

Considering the amount of agony and lack of success the Cubs have been through over the years, it’s understandable. The Cubs were actually down 1-0 in this series, but a barrage of home runs that we haven’t seen in a long time left the Cardinals stunned and out of the playoffs much earlier than they’re used to.

The secret heroes to success have been the middle relief pitchers and an excellent bullpen that doesn’t get enough credit, but it doesn’t matter now. Celebrating a playoff series win in Wrigley for the first time ever makes you forget about all the stats and little notes about who made it all possible.

The Cubs are facing either the Dodgers or Mets next, but it doesn’t matter. The challenge against history they’re carrying on their backs; the prophecy from Back to the Future II; and overall the momentum they’ve been building over the last stretch of the season makes it more about them than whoever it is they’re going to face.

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