17 Best Memes of the Dallas Cowboys Beating the St. Louis Rams

Win or lose, the Dallas Cowboys are the team people love talking about. After coming back from behind to beat the St. Louis Rams as Tony Romo threw another interception to add to his impressive tally, the memes came out slightly confusing as they developed and updated while the game was playing.

The bottom line? The Cowboys are 2-1 despite that woeful opening game against the 49ers. The wins have come against two pretty bad teams: The Tennessee Titans and the St. Louis Rams, and yet it doesn’t matter at this point. If the Cowboys actually get better and build on these wins, it won’t matter who weak the schedule was when they won.

It was still quite interesting. The Cowboys eventually won 34-31, coming from 21 points down, making it the biggest comeback in franchise history. For a moment it looked like the Rams have sorted out how to play with a third-string quarterback, but these miracles, at least in the NFL, don’t last for very long.

The Cowboys, even when they’re bad or mediocre, are still the most interesting team in the NFL. Why? Some things are beyond explanation, and even after two decades of relative failure, there’s no team most of the fans in the NFL would rather see lose and do badly than the Cowboys.

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