20 Best Memes of the Dallas Cowboys Beating the Washington Redskins

Despite the Thanksgiving game between the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins not being a one-sided affair, the memes didn’t make it seem like such a close game, celebrating Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott and the rest of the Boyz 10-game win streak.

The Cowboys built up an early two-score lead which helped them keep a distance from the Redskins during the second half, despite Kirk Cousins finally getting it on. Touchdown runs by Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott made all those Cousins yards and touchdowns nothing more than nice stats.

The Tony Romo discussion is over. He’s a backup, and probably done as the Cowboys starting quarterback, but there’s not too much focus on the whole quarterback debate, because there is none. Prescott, a rookie, is running one of the more unstoppable offenses in the NFL, whether it’s thanks to him or that devestating offensive line.

Elliott is no longer celebrated for being good. He’s now in Odell Beckham territory. Everyone knows he’s a great player, so they make fun of other things: His fashion choices or his resemblance to Ewoks from Star Wars. And without scoring a touchdown but thanks to some big plays, Dez Bryant won his war of words with Josh Norman, although the end of the game didn’t stop the two of them from trash talking.


Nothing stops Josh Norman from talking. Not even playing very, very badly.


Yeah, Norman’s plan to shut down the Cowboys receivers didn’t really work out.


Things have been going very well for the Dallas Cowboys this season.


The holidays are always the time of year when nostalgia kicks it up a notch.


Ewok or not, Zeke has been on fire for the Cowboys this season.


And from Star Wars, to other movies Ezekiel Elliott has things in common with.


Cousins had to know that one day, his famous “you like that” saying will backfire. Again, and again, and again. 


Nothing wrong with immitating some iconic dance moves. 


This has been the Redskins situation more or less since Dan Snyder took over.


Happy or not, Tony Romo knows that the Cowboys are doing well without him.


The home field advantage of the Cowboys home in the form of glare.


Yeah, the sun had it in for Kirk Cousins.


MVP might be pushing it a little bit, but it’s not too far fetched.


Maybe this is what happened?


It’s been a strange year for Cowboys fans. Mostly good, but strange,


Yes, he got owned.


If anyone deserves the crying jordan meme in this game, it’s him.


South Park somehow make it in here.


Yes, it was a good Thanksgiving for the Cowboys.