12 Best Memes of the Houston Rockets & James Harden Destroying the Dallas Mavericks

Dwight Howard Rebounds Meme

The Texas derby in the first round of the playoffs isn’t exactly a close, unpredictable affair. The Houston Rockets, led by Dwight Howard and James Harden, are walking all over the Dallas Mavericks, as these memes can help you see.

The last game (game 3, the first one in Dallas) was close. The Rockets won by only two points. But it seems like anything the Mavericks try and surprise the Rockets with, Houston have an answer for. Overall, they’re the much better, more talented team. The Mavericks? Ellis and Nowitzki are playing well, but that’s not nearly enough.

Not when the team is falling apart from the inside. Rajon Rondo is pretty much kicked off the team and won’t be coming back. Chandler Parsons is injured, maybe out for the series. Tyson Chandler is being manhandled in the paint.

This might not be a sweep; not yet. The Mavericks have the firepower to drag it on for a few more days. But winning the series? That’s just not happening. A different class of teams, despite everything Mark Cuban has tried to do this year. Considering his goals and expectations, he’s failed.

We are one meme

Where's Rondo

Rockets Drive By meme

Rockets Sweep Meme

Angry Cuban Meme

Sweep Packing

Get the rebounds

Dwight Howard Meme

Summer vacatio meme

Jason Terry meme