32 Best Memes of the New England Patriots Allegedly Cheating With Deflated Balls

The airwaves have to be filled in someway or another, but too bad it’s about the alleged cheating of the New England Patriots (again), this time by deflating the balls their offense was using. In short? A celebration for meme makers.

The NFL is releasing (or leaking) information out slowly. There are still a lot of questions about their win over the Indianapolis Colts which would have happened regardless of the air pressure in the footballs. But is this another case of the Patriots and the coaching staff, on purpose, trying to bend and ignore the rules?

Spygate is long gone, but there still a lot of questions about that one as well. We still don’t know how many times the Patriots cheated with their taping of practices and coaches signals. It probably goes back to the beginning of the Belichick era, but Roger Goodell was in such a hurry to destroy the tapes that we’ll never know for sure.

The connection between Goodell and Robert Kraft is also a problem in those looking for fair judgement. Right now they’re still innocent and no one is quite sure how severe it actually is to tamper with the PSIs of a game ball, but the more the NFL digs in and information we get, the less accidental and innocent it looks.

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