30 Best Memes of the 2015 NFL Draft

Ravens Draft Meme

The memes about the 2015 NFL draft focused on making fun of the Cleveland Browns, the situation in Baltimore with the riots, Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles trying to trade for Marcus Mariota and Shane Ray landing in Colorado with the Broncos.

The Eagles were trying every possibly combination of trades, directly with the Titans or through a third or even fourth team. But the Titans have selected him and for now, it seems like the Oregon star is going to be the next franchise quarterback project in Tennessee.

Jameis Winston and his enormous amount of off the field issued from his two years in Florida State are going to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, an organization that could use a little bit of change, taking a huge risk with the number one overall pick.

The first round was mostly uneventful. Roger Goodell got booed, he hugged guys and mostly mispronounced names despite all the aids around him. A truly wonderful, inspiring commissioner.

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