16 Best Memes of the Oklahoma City Thunder Humiliated by the San Antonio Spurs

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While watching the San Antonio Spurs take a 2-0 lead over the Oklahoma City Thunder in the Western Conference Finals isn’t that surprising, having seen it done with such incredible disparity, including 35 points between the teams in game 2, resulted in jokes and memes at the expense of Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and a lot of ‘Real MVP’ references.

The moment Durant made that MVP speech and that moment about thanking his mother, you probably knew that people were going to start using it against him the moment the opportunity opened up. The Thunder haven’t had the most impressive of playoffs so far, and things are falling apart against the Spurs, as Serge Ibaka not playing seems to be too much to deal with at this point.

Two years ago the Spurs had a 2-0 lead after the first couple of games, but lost four in a row as missed out on the NBA finals. Still, things were different back then. Ibaka wasn’t injured, James Harden was on the Thunder, and the Spurs didn’t win the first couple of games in such a dominating manner. Maybe talking about sweeps is premature, but it’s not coming out of nowhere.

Danny Green hasn’t looked this great since the first five games of the NBA finals. After showing the world his strength and weakness as a shooter (Deadly when open, terrible when trying to do something on his own), you’d think the Thunder’s defense wouldn’t leave him open that much. But without Ibaka and no third option on offense for Durant and Westbrook to revert to, the Thunder have bigger problems than just Green giving them trouble.

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