20 Best Memes of the San Antonio Spurs Beating LeBron James & the Miami Heat

From now on, game 1 of the NBA Finals will be known as the cramps game for LeBron James. Yes, the San Antonio Spurs won with a nice shooting performance in the fourth quarter, mostly from Danny Green and a solid outing for Tim Duncan. The Miami Heat and especially LeBron James steal most of the focus in memes and jokes.

The Miami Heat couldn’t take the heat. I’m pretty sure the Spurs weren’t feeling too comfortable without the air conditioning as well, but they were the team that won. LeBron James had to pull out with cramps during the fourth quarter, and the Spurs ran away with the game. With James on the floor? I’m not sure it would have ended that way, at least a healthy James.

So now the Spurs have a 1-0 lead, but there’s nothing to get too excited about. As we mentioned, they were the inferior team for just over three quarters. They didn’t turn it up miraculously. They needed a star player to leave the floor before actually playing much better. This series is far from over.

Maybe the memes would have been mentioning how the Miami Heat were good in the hot weather because of their names. Now they lost, and the joke is on them – not being able to handle the Heat, while James is now compared to how Michael Jordan handled his flu against the Jazz 17 years ago, while James couldn’t play with cramps.

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