26 Best Memes of the San Antonio Spurs Beating LeBron James & the Miami Heat for the NBA Title

The NBA season, playoffs and Finals are over, but that doesn’t mean that memes and jokes stop being created. As expected, the San Antonio Spurs get nothing but praise for beating the Miami Heat and especially LeBron James to the championship, denying him a 3-peat.

In some people’s minds championships is the only way to measure a player. So if James doesn’t have the number of titles Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant do, he’s less of a player. He didn’t 3-peat like they did, so he is less of a player. It might not actually be true, but it works just fine when it’s the purpose of the meme – making fun of James.

Dwyane Wade is actually the one getting blamed. Not just him, but his poor performances in the last two games while James put up some decent numbers (especially in game 5) were another nail in the coffin of his superstar period. He is a big name who from time to time has the ability to bring his “old self” back, but most of the time, he is just a declining, aging player.

The Spurs become five time champions. Tim Duncan and Gregg Popovich were there from the start back in 1997. Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili joined a few years later to make it four championships for them. Kawhi Leonard actually took the spotlight to win the Finals MVP. No one has a problem with that.

So now the question is not about the Spurs being over. For once, no one is asking that. The Miami Heat have reached a fork in the road, and will have to decide if four NBA finals isn’t enough and there’s more to squeeze out of this group, or maybe it’s time to start something new. In short, whatever LeBron James decides.

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