20 Best Memes of the San Antonio Spurs Destroying the Miami Heat

The 2014 NBA Finals are all about making some trend with hashtag and meme following a game. The San Antonio Spurs erupted on the Miami Heat with a rare shooting performance led by Kawhi Leonard. The result? Leonard being groomed, LeBron James being dissed and Heat fans taking the worst punishment.

Heat fans simply fed more to the flames of hate towards them from the rest of the league by leaving very early in the game despite their team being in contention until the final two minutes. The American Airlines Arena kept emptying out during the fourth quarter, as silence took over the closer we got to the final seconds.

There’s a meme here making fun of James not showing up for the fourth quarter. That’s incorrect. James stopped playing after the first. A bad game for the best player in this series and the NBA – something the Miami Heat can’t afford.

This game was also the final stamp of approval regarding Kawhi Leonard becoming a star player. Rebounding after a rough couple of games, Leonard exploded with the complete package of defense, outside shooting and dunking on the face of centers. Not exactly a big four, but very close to it.

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