17 Best Memes of the Seattle Seahakws Beating the Devner Broncos

The Seattle Seahawks did beat the Denver Broncos again, but this time it wasn’t nearly as easy, with the memes focusing on the highs and lows of Peyton Manning in the game, while also taking a shot or two at Richard Sherman.

Another home game for the Seahawks in one of the marquee encounters which has been a big plus in their rise over the last two or three seasons, and they beat the Broncos 26-20 in overtime thanks to a huge drive led by Russell Wilson from the snap of the extra period.

But Manning, who did throw an interception to Kim Chancellor in the fourth quarter, didn’t walk away looking like a loser or choker. He led the Broncos back from being 3-17 down. He had two touchdown passes in the fourth, including a game-tying drive with 80 yards to advance, 59 seconds on the clock and no timeouts.

Sherman himself was mocked at a bit for once again looking less than perfect. Maybe that’s the curse of being so good and not wanting to stop talking about it: Every less than flawless performance gets ridiculed.

Seahawks vs Broncos

Coming out


Best Villain

Manning shock

Pop Drop Lock

Not the best corner

It was bad

Looking for a job

Lol Manning

Not fair for the Seahawks

Manning chokes



Just standing there

Seahawks fan logic

Nice interception

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