14 Best Memes of the United States Almost Beating Cristiano Ronaldo & Portugal in the World Cup

It’s hard to say who came out as the happier team from the draw between the United States and Portugal. Despite not being the favorites, the face Cristiano Ronaldo had at the end of the match and from the memes and jokes coming shortly after the match, it seems like the USA has every right to be disappointed with the result.

How could you not when you’re leading deep into injury time, but instead of wasting time near the corner flag they turn the ball over which reached Cristiano Ronaldo and led to the equalizing goal.

It’s still quite in the USA’s hands going into the final match. A draw and they’re in, a win and they’re in obviously, although beating Germany is just as difficult as it sounds.

For Portugal, hope remains, but barely. Cristiano Ronaldo looked terrible for a second straight match. They don’t just need to win next match – they need a lot of goals to score for the United State to lose and concede quite a lot. From what we’ve seen from Portugal up to this point, it’s not going to happen, and they don’t deserve that it happens.

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So Close

Portugal be like

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