26 Best Memes of Tom Brady Caught Cheating

Tom Brady cheating meme

With nothing more than strong circumstantial evidence, the NFL has managed to put deflated balls in the headlines again, with the New England Patriots and especially Tom Brady branded as cheaters by everyone, including the meme makers.

The Ted Wells reports concludes that it’s more than probable that the deflated balls resulted due to human manipulation. Who? Two Patriots employees with a connection to Tom Brady.

Now no one is directly blaming Brady, but it’s quite clear that he knew what was going on and probably more. But without any hard proof, especially with Brady not really cooperating with the investigation, there isn’t an official allegation with his name in it. But that’s a lot of legal stuff and lingo. Wells, in private, probably has harsher things to say.

Does it even matter? The Patriots were beating the Indianapolis Colts either way. But for a great and successful franchise like the Patriots there always has to be some blemish. Unless some new angle to this story is revealed, it’s hard not to look at yet another Patriots championship and especially part of Brady’s career and persona as tainted by a deliberae act of cheating.

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