27 Best Memes of Tom Brady & the New England Patriots Beating & Cheating the Pittsburgh Steelers

Nothing goes without controversy for the New England Patriots. Meme makers are having a lot of fun following the win over the Pittsburgh Steelers on opening night. Not just because Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski shredded the Steelers defense to bits, but also because of the headset problems which might result in a new scandal and gate.

Probably not, but it’s still fun to consider more problems for the Patriots in a never ending scandal for them. The headsets for the Steelers weren’t exactly working for long stretches of the game, resulting in them picking up the Patriots radio chatter instead. Maybe in a response to the Steelers complaints, the Patriots also went out and said they had trouble with their radio connection and almost with a helmet lacking a headset at some point in the game.

But besides the conspiracy theories and allegations, there was an actual football game, one in which Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski had too much fun, connecting three times for touchdowns among the four Brady threw, as if to show one huge middle finger to Roger Goodell.

It would have been fun had Goodell showed up to opening night for the league he is the commissioner of, but it’s hard to imagine the volume of boos and jeers coming out of Gillette Stadium had he actually appeared.

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