33 Best Memes of Tom Brady & the New England Patriots Beating the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl

Despite Tom Brady and the New England Patriots winning a fourth Super Bowl ring, the memes and everyone else focus on how the Seattle Seahawks decided to pass it on 2nd and goal on the Patriots one yard line, which led to a Russell Wilson interception throw instead of going with Marshawn Lynch.

The Seahawks didn’t make things better for themselves with the fight that broke out in the end, showing how little class some of their players have. But the wheel turns. The Seahawks came back from oblivion in the NFC championship game. The Patriots did the same in this fourth quarter. The Seahawks marched down the field quickly, but messed up on that final call.

Not that running is the only option, and Lynch actually hasn’t been that good in goal line situations this season. However, a play action or something to involve him would have been the wiser choice, but we’re all hindsight geniuses.

The bottom line is the New England Patriots win a fourth Super Bowl with the Bill Belichick and Tom Brady tandem at work. Pretty soon deflated balls will be mentioned by those unhappy with this win, and whether or not it will leave a stain on this triumph depends on your team affiliation mostly. For those lifting the trophy and celebrating? It really doesn’t matter.

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