30 Best Memes of Tony Romo & the Dallas Cowboys Getting Revenge Against the Philadelphia Eagles

The Dallas Cowboys are back on top of the NFC East with a win on the road against the Philadelphia Eagles, and the memes were celebrating the dominance and revenge of Tony Romo, Dez Bryant and DeMarco Murray.

The Eagles are now outside the playoffs if the season ended today. They don’t have their fate in their own hands, which is kind of funny considering their arrogant manner after winning in Dallas.

The Cowboys, getting to 10 wins, are now in control of their own destiny and can probably lose one of their remaining two games and still make it into the postseason, although it’s better not to complicate things if it’s possible.

The Cowboys did give their fans a scare in the game – dropping a 21-0 lead to fall behind 21-24, but the ability of Romo to find Bryant each time he needed it while Mark Sanchez’ ability to destroy things for his own team made up for the crazy set of events.

Not Worried

Eagles Fans

Owner of the Eagles

NFL Meme Problems


Not so easy

Eagles are bad

A week ago

Never heard of her


JJ Dancing


Watching the game


Fly Eagles Fly

Trying to hide

Lloyd info

Chip Kelly lost

Hearing excuses

How not to cover Dez Bryant

You Loser

Mark Sanchez Interception School

Still a shot

Thinking of excuses

Tony Romo in December

Owner of the Eagles 2.0

Choking an Eagle

Eagles fans response

Eating Eagles

Road Kings

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