35 Best Memes of Tony Romo & the Dallas Cowboys Humiliated by the Philadelphia Eagles

Nothing generates more memes in the world of sports than when the Dallas Cowboys and Tony Romo lose. Happening on Thanksgiving against the Philadelphia Eagles makes it feel like there’s nothing else going on in the world.

Tony Romo didn’t choke. His two interceptions came way after the game was out of reach for the Cowboys. But in sake of keeping up with tradition and the haters happy, about half the memes focus on Romo “choking” although it had more to do with a defense that did nothing to stop LeSean McCoy and the Eagles.

The Cowboys defense was so bad it made Mark Sanchez look good. Sanchez didn’t try to do too much, but even he found it quite easy to put up yards and big numbers against a group that looked like a comedy troupe.

Things aren’t over for the Cowboys, and the Eagles aren’t crowned division champions just yet. Still, the Cowboys shot themselves in the foot with this kind of performance at home, and in the back of their minds are fearing a slide that could spell another season out of the playoffs.

Name the excuse

Legally Blind

Oh no

Sanchez cake

Romo pledge

Haters are back

Thanksgiving dinner

Cutler & Romo

Fan Base Gone

December Tony Romo

Tony's Turnovers

Obamacare meme

McCoy gloating

Dallas Cowboys suck

Cowboys HD

Cowboys calendar

Romo comeback

Just blew it

8-8 train

Romo legacy

Almost December

Turnovers are here

Romo perfume

December came early

Bad luck Romo

That moment meme

Wrong way

Biggest turkey

Losing to this

The quest to 8-8

How it works

Last game before December


Dumb & Dumber too

Spelling champion

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