21 Best Memes of Zack Greinke & the Los Angeles Dodgers Choking Against the New York Mets

The annual choke job by the Los Angeles Dodgers is complete, this time starring Zack Greinke, with the memes focusing more on them than on the winners of the playoff series, the New York Mets.

Jacob deGrom pulls off two postseason wins in a week against both Greinke and Clayton Kershaw. Greinke wasn’t bad in game 5, but then you’re getting paid so much money, you’re expected to deliver with the season on the line.

It’s actually the lineup that was more in the wrong in this case and maybe for the entire series, while guys like Daniel Murphy from the Mets get their 15 minutes in the spotlight with a home run that won the game and the series. Often in the playoffs someone like that turns that one moment into something bigger.

So the team with a $273 million payroll is going home after the NLDS once again. We’ve heard the fire Don Mattingly voices quite a lot over the last two years. Maybe this offseason it’ll finally happen.

Dodgers last ring

I'm the Dodgers

Extra Salty flavor

Straight outta the playoffs

Stealing third

What Murphy sees

Achievement unlocked

Playoff joke

Yoda Dodgers

Cable Direct TV Dodgers

Logging out

Time to fire him

Letting me down joke

Bye Felicia


Lost Again

Regular season, postseason

Jacob deGrom

Good joke

Daniel Murphy

Murphy be like

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