21 Best Memes of Carson Wentz & the Philadelphia Eagles Crushing the Pittsburgh Steelers

The Carson Wentz ride continues, leading the Philadelphia Eagles to a huge win in the Pennsylvania derby over the helpless Pittsburgh Steelers, leading to memes either praising the rookie or making fun of a team many thought was going to wipe the floor with Philly.


At this point, Super Bowl jokes is the only thing haters have left on the Eagles. Wentzmania is in full effect, as the rookie is having one of the best start by a quarterback ever, with the Eagles winning dominantly on both ends of the field.

The problem for the Steelers was scoring, which sounds simple, but it isn’t. How can such a talented offense put up only 3 points? Well, while Le’Veon Bell is missing, the Steelers have a red zone problem. The speed of their receivers, and they are fast, doesn’t really matter when it’s 20 yards or less from the end zone. The Steelers had no problem moving the chains, but couldn’t finish the job, time after time.

So from tanking to Super Bowl contenders? We’ll need to see a bit more from the Eagles before crowning them, but they look good. Their rookie quarterback seems to be in good hands, and knows exactly what he’s doing, and possibly thanking whoever there is to thank that he didn’t end up playing for the Cleveland Browns.

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