14 Best Memes to Prepare for Game 2 of the NBA Finals Between the Miami Heat & San Antonio Spurs

The time for memes and NBA jokes is almost over, almost. But there’s still some time to praise the San Antonio Spurs, make fun of LeBron James and the Miami Heat and take a look at how air conditioning at the AT&T center actually works before game 2 of the 2014 NBA finals begins.

What’s more important right now is no longer comparing James to Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, hockey players or MMA fighters. Cramps is completely different than playing with a fever, on a broken bone or a torn tendon, especially right after the injury. If any of you remember Rafael Nadal during a US Open press conference, this is how bad it gets when you start cramping up.

No one is thinking about a sweep, but you know there’s that notion in the back of some optimist’s mind. The Spurs didn’t sweep anyone in this postseason, so maybe the Finals are the time to start? Highly unlikely, although if we do see them take a 2-0 lead in the series, it might become a more realistic possibility.

The Miami Heat played well for most of the first game – before the temperature began to rise, and LeBron James had to be taken out of the game. So many words have been spent on trying to explain that fourth quarter but it was pretty simple – the Heat fell apart without James. Putting James back into the equation probably means a much better and closer game.

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