Best NBA Comics Ever?

NBA players are just big kids. Well, athletes paid millions of dollars to do the thing they love have to be immature on a certain level, while growing up for some of them in front of the cameras means being more mature on a different level. But athletes do act like spoiled brats sometimes, making you feel like you’re watching a bulked up version of kindergarten kids.

That’s how J.O. Applegate sees it at least, and while he consistently drops fantastic basketball art on his website BounceBounceBounce, his latest work called ‘We’ll settle this at recess’ has got to be one of his finest creations if not the best of them.

Cheat Sheet

#32, stuck on the rim – Blake Griffin

#35, shouting ‘Money’ making a crazy shot from the bars – Kevin Durant

#24 & #16 near the free throw line – Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol

#5, bullying some poor kid – Kevin Garnett

#0 & #13, dribbling down the court – Russell Westbrook and Steve Nash

At the table (The King) – LeBron James

#3 & #20, crying kids – Chris Paul and Manu Ginobili

#1, injured – Derrick Rose

#9, followed by the girls – Ricky Rubio