Best Photos From College Football Rivalry Games

    What’s the best and biggest College Football rivalry? It probably depends on where you live and who you follow, but from a national stand point, Ohio State – Michigan and Alabama – Auburn usually stand out as the most fierce. Rivalries also produce magical moments, in turn producing magical pictures.

    Virginia – Virginia Tech Rivalry

    The Hokies and the Cavaliers played each other for the first time in 1895, playing a total of 93 games, holding a streak of 41 consecutive years at the moment. VT lead the series 51-37-5, winning the last 8 clashes.

    Missouri – Nebraska Rivalry

    The Cornhuskers and the Tigers have played each other 104 times between 1892 and 2010, but since Nebraska left to the Big Ten and Mizzou joining the SEC, Nebraska leading the series 65-36-3 may stay for quite a while. The huskers held a 24 game winning streak in the rivalry between 1979-2002.

    Florida – Georgia Rivalry

    One of the few remaining neutral site rivalries, the Gators and the Bulldogs have met each other 89 or 90 times, depending on who you ask. Playing in Jacksonville nearly every year since 1933, with Georgia leading the series 47(48)-40-2.

    Clemson – South Carolina Rivalry

    The South Carolina derby probably reached its lowest point in 2004 after a massive brawl overshadowed Clemson’s 29-7 win, with Gamecocks quarterback Syvelle Newton getting kicked by Tigers’ players. The two teams have met 109 times, with Clemson leading the series 65-40-4.

    Alabama – Auburn Rivalry

    The front runner for Ohio State – Michigan, providing the biggest and most important moment in Alabama each year if you ask the locals. They’ve played each other 76 times since 1893, Alabama leading the series 41-34-1. It has been played annually since 1948.

    Washington – Washington State Rivalry

    Playing each other since 1900, the Washington Huskies and the Washington State Cougars have met on the field 104 times, with Washington holding an overwhelming 67-31-6 lead in the series, including winning the last three games between them.

    California – Stanford Rivalry (The Play)

    Maybe the most famous game in the history of college football – November 20, 1982, California vs Stanford. The Cardinal take the lead (20-19) with 4 seconds left in the game. The Golden Bears use highly controversial lateral passes to score a touchdown from the kickoff return, while fans and the Stanford band are already on the field.

    Nicknamed the Big Game, Stanford and California have met 114 times since 1892, with Stanford leading the all-time series 57-46-11.

    Michigan – Notre Dame Rivalry

    Played only 39 times, but Michigan vs Notre Dame goes way back to 1887, when the first game between the two was played. The Wolverines lead the series 23-15-1, winning five of the last six games with the Fighting Irish. This has been an annual meet since 2002.

    UCLA – USC Rivalry

    The two have played each other in the battle for LA since 1929 and the Victory Bell since 1946, with the Trojan leading the Bruins 46-28-7. UCLA haven’t won a game since 2006.

    Michigan – Ohio State Rivalry

    Called The Game, this just might be the biggest rivalry not just in College Football, but in all of American sports. The two teams have played each other 108 times since 1897, with Michigan leading the series 58-43-1. In 2011 the Wolverines beat the Buckeyes for the first time since 2003.

    Texas – Texas A&M Rivalry

    A rivalry that’s been played 118 times since 1894, and is currently on hold since the Aggies moved to the SEC. Texas won the final game between them with a field goal, 27-25.

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