Best Rants By Football Managers

    We all feel for Rafa Benitz and the hard time he’s going through in Chelsea, but his rant after the win over Middlesbrough pales in comparison to some legendary ones by Giovanni Trapattoni, Kevin Keegan, John Sitton or Ian Holloway.

    Yes, whining about not getting any respect is one thing, but to make a rant truly special, you have to throw some curses and a twist of insanity into your words. Benitez failed to do that, among other things he’s failed at.

    Kevin Keegan against Alex Ferguson and Manchester United

    It’s usually attributed to Kevin Keegan that his rant is what crushed his side’s title hopes in the 1995-1996 season, although other moves (like purchasing Faustino Asprilla) and simply Eric Cantona can be regarded as other, possibly bigger reasons as to why Newcastle dropped their 12 point lead at the top of the Premier League and Manchester United retrieved their league title.

    Brian Clough vs John Moston

    Brian Clough has to be one of the finest managers to pick up the microphone, especially when he felt confident enough going into the interview. John Motson probably got a bit more than he bargained for in this interview.

    John Sitton at Half Time

    During this time, he became one of the few football managers to feature in a Channel 4 documentary, Orient: Club for a Fiver. Sitton let it all rip at his players in the dressing room, especially Terry Howard and offering to fight two other players. He was sacked shortly after.

    Ian Holloway Against Michel Platini

    Ian Holloway didn’t really like the idea of shifting the World Cup to the winter.

    Joe Kinnear at Newcastle

    The club’s press officer tried to order the assembled journalists not to publish any extracts from the tirade, but Kinnear himself gave the journalists permission to write up whatever they wanted from his remarks.

    Giovanni Trapattoni in German

    Superstars often make life quite hellish for their managers. Despite Giovanni Trapattoni seeing pretty much everything during his time in football, players like Strunz, Mehmet Scholl and Mario Basler pushed him to the limit during his time with Bayern Munich.

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