17 Best Solar Eclipse Memes

Falcons Blow Lead Eclipse

The solar eclipse wasn’t a sports event, but that didn’t stop sports-related memes from overflowing the Internet, focusing on making fun of the Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys and J.R. Smith, as well as other memes poking fun at Donald Trump and general eclipse things.

NFL jokes were mostly about the Eagles not winning any championships and the Falcons dropping that 28-3 lead in the last Super Bowl. However, the Dallas Cowboys, being the most popular and most hated team all at once, got their fair of inclusions, next to terrible teams like the New York Jets.

J.R. Smith’s squinting made an appearance and even Horace Grant thanks to his iconic goggles. However, with Trump being such an easy target since becoming president, his appearance alongside his family on the White House porch during the solar eclipse garnered plenty of humor-filled attention.

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