Best Sports Memes of 2012

Sport memes aren’t the most important thing in the world, but they do add color to something a lot of people (including us) often take much too seriously. Be it McKayla Maroney frowning and ruining everyone’s party, Mario Balotelli flexing his muscles or LeBron James balding by the second, 2012 was a pretty good year for some internet humor on the world of sports.

NFL Replacement Referees

One referee called Golden Tate’s illegal catch on the last second of the game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Green Bay Packers an interception, like it should have stayed. The other called it a touchdown, despite not really having control of the ball and despite his pass interference earlier. They looked at the tape, and somehow still called it a touchdown.

Simba & Derrick Rose

Instead of running for the NBA title, the Chicago Bulls’ chances ended with one painful tear behind Derrick Rose’s knee. They’re still waiting for him to comeback, 8 months since that day. Probably the sweetest sports meme of the year, involving a guy who’s pretty much popular among all NBA fans, hoping he gets back as soon as possible, and as good as he used to be.

When Kevin Durant & James Harden were buddies

A duo, that’s part of a trio, that’s no longer together. Kevin Durant is happy in Oklahoma City, James Harden is happy in Houston. They both probably would like to still be playing next to each other, not only so they can make ridiculous happy faces.

LeBron James Hairline

Balding isn’t funny to those who suffer from it, but the rest of us who still have a lot of hair while in our 30’s kinda get a kick out of watching one of the biggest stars on the planet, still in the third decade of his life, trying to hide his receding hairline with the sweatband on his head.

Good Job & Good Effort

It’s easy to forget, but the Miami Heat were only one loss away from being knocked out of the NBA playoffs last season, going down 3-2 against the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals. After the game 5 loss at home, a little kid who didn’t stop believing in these guys like the rest of the packed arena, became a sensation for a few days with the “Good Job, Good Effort” slogan.

McKayla Maroney Not Impressed by Usain Bolt

McKayla Maroney won a gold medal with the Women’s gymnastics team, but winning the silver medal in an individual event made her much more recognizable with that “not impressed” facial expression that exploded over the web during the Olympics.

Mo Farah Keeps on Running

Quite a year for Mo Farah, which actually began with his gold medal in the Athletics World Championship in 2011, beginning the final leg of his road towards a double Olympic gold performance in London. Happy, too happy reactions don’t always make you look that great, so Farah got the running from the masses treatment quite quickly on the web.

Queen Elizabeth at the Olympics

One grouchy picture of Queen Elizabeth and people think she’s unhappy with the opening ceremony. The queen was actually a great sport to participate in one of the clips, but not a lot of women would say no to Daniel Craig.

Scumbag ESPN

People love to criticize ESPN, plenty of times for good reasons, but you don’t become the biggest sport network in the world by not talking about the more popular teams and leaving less time on the air for the less attractive ones, ratings-wise.

Mario Balotelli Flexing

Who knew Mario Balotelli flexing his muscles after scoring a goal against Germany in the Euro semifinal would land him in so many obscure situations? Everything Balotelli does gets a lot of exposure, whether serious or not, good or bad, so probably it was quite expected.