Beyond Cristiano Ronaldo – Millionaires & Stars Aren’t Allowed to be Sad

Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t get it; when you’re a football superstar making tens of millions of dollars each year; playing for a great club like Real Madrid; have Irina Shayk as your girlfriend and an impressive gallery in your past; and often be referred to as the best or among the two best players in the world, you simply can’t expect people to feel sorry for you when you announce to everyone that you’re unhappy.

Superstars, celebs, famous people for the right and wrong reasons, have problems like each and every one of us ‘mortals’ not blessed with stardom and life under the limelight, but they have more money, usually, to make up for whatever it is that’s causing the pain in their life. I’m not talking disease and things regarding health and mortality, although it’s easier treating certain aliments with money, but the social and financial problems that effect most of the population on planet earth.

When NBA, NHL and NFL stars go on strike while the economy is bleeding, it’s hard to expect any kind of sympathy from the general public. They hate owners, rich owners, as well, but when guys making $10, 11, 12 and more, many more of millions and millions of dollars a year from the sport alone, it’s hard to feel sorry for them. They’re the ones you buy the ticket for, but it’s never easy understanding what could be actually bothering them, and what’s wrong with setteling for ‘only’ $5 million a year.

Back to Ronaldo, who stand out among the stars of the sport because of how popular and interesting he is, with the image of Messi always near by as contrast. He makes about $13 million a season from Real Madrid, and nearly double that when you add sponsorship deals and endorsements. He claimed that the problem wasn’t money, but as soon as the subject came to the light of day and Real Madrid announced they’ll take care of it, whatever the mystery is, Ronaldo was happy to score and celebrate once more with his friends.

Now, if it’s not money, the theories suggested some rift between him and certain players in the club, regarding mistreatment of a fellow player that’s close to him and no one else or simply not getting enough pampering to his own bloated ego. The man who on the outside has the perfect life – doing the job that’s actually the most popular sport-hobby in the world, with a supermodel wife and actually being great at that job isn’t allowed to be unhappy, because what does that say about the rest of us and our standards of what’s happiness and what’s not.

Being envy, as part of our admiration of those untouchable stars, is what makes us disrespect any sign of a less than perfect life from these athletes at the pinnacle of their profession. They’re human too, but they are living the dreams, and any sign of not being thankful or wanting more seems like disrespect towards everyone that supports them.

Ronaldo’s a bit of a special case. His behavior on the field and the signs of his narcissistic personality (just an observation, not a fact) don’t make it very to immediately get worked up when he dares say something is bothering him. Same goes for any other Soccer/NBA/NFL star who isn’t satisfied with whatever it is that’s going on in their private lives. They need to keep the illusion of the dream intact, for us and the media. When their image of the perfect job and life is shattered, so do some of their biggest fans’ dreams.