20 Bikini Babes That Will Make You Miss Summer


The NFL & College Football have begun, Baseball is almost reaching the playoffs, the final Grand Slam of the year has been played and it’s September by the way. This means summer is almost over, and that also means a lot less beautiful women at the beach showing off their incredible bodies through minimal bikinis, at least until next year.

Well, obviously, it depends on where you live. Some places, even in the Northern hemisphere, are warm enough to be beach-goer in all year long, unless it’s raining. Or you might be in the Southern hemisphere, where things are just now starting to warm up.

As a sports fan, I’m happy, because football is here again. As a married man who needs to look at other women from time to time (just looking), it’s kind of disheartening that the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting colder, for obvious reasons stated here below.

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