Bill Burr Jokes on Conan About Women Trying to Ruin the NFL

Not everyone loves the humor Bill Burr uses to get a laugh, but it’s often hard to ignore him. He goes into overdrive during football season, and talked quite a lot about NFL subjects during his talk with Conan O’Brien on Conan, suggesting (humorously of course) that women are trying to destroy the NFL.

Burr also talked about how embarrassing the whole Roger Goodell “apology” and “get it right” message was, but he made a similar point in both segments. No matter how bad things get for the NFL off the field when it comes to players getting themselves into trouble with the law, people keep watching football: Stadiums are packed, ratings are great.

As for women? Obviously that’s a generalization made to grab a laugh or two. It’s good that Burr isn’t afraid to steer off making fun of women, even if it’s not as popular as before because of all the PC going on. It’s all in good fun, and a little bit true.

Yes, for some people, even those who don’t work in sports, football or another sport is an integral part of life. There are only two days a week without some football on if you include College Football as well. Tuesday and Wednesday? They’re for catching up and watch games you didn’t get a chance to on Sunday and Saturday.

Bill Burr