Bill Maher on What Makes the NFL so Successful

Bill Maher doesn’t have me agreeing with everything he says about politics and his views and comments on life in present day America and sometimes the world, but his Irritable Bowl Syndrome, explaining the economic success of the NFL, is spot on.

Taken from his book ‘The New New Rules: A funny look at how everybody but me has their head up their ass’, his explanation of how the most successful and popular American sport, and league, the National Football League, is based on Socialism and spreading the wealth, pretty much Democratic values. It’s extremely popular across the board, also with Republicans, whose views match more of the MLB views on economic spread, which are none.

He uses the example of Pittsburgh, who are the most successful NFL team with more Super Bowl wins than any other franchise, while the Pittsburgh Pirates in Baseball, with 20% of the salary bill produced by the New York Yankees, don’t even have a shot of competing for a playoff spot.

It’s not completely a matter of money or spreading it out. Wise ownership and the correct man steering the ship, as head coach or as General manager, matter just as much as the payroll.

Like everything in this world, visuals are everything, no matter how valid the point. Bill Maher’s point comes across so much better as an animated short, infographic style.