Blake Griffin Hits Half Court Shot Sitting Down

Strange things happen in training camps, when there’s enough time to goof around with some creative shot making. Blake Griffin, we’re pretty much used to see him pull off some amazing dunks. Well, he added another shot to his Arsenal recently during Clippers training – The Sitting Down shot from Half Court.

From the reaction around him, it doesn’t seem to anything new, although I do believe if Griffin would have made anything like this happen before it would have gone viral pretty quickly. Maybe players hit these kind of shots every day at Clipper Training camp, who knows. This might be a special season for the Clippers if Blake upgrades his freakish dunking skills to freakish long range shooting skills.

Although right now, the Chris Paul moving to LA things seems dead, both the Clippers and the Lakers are hoping that some new configurations to the deal + David Stern changing his mind will get Chris Paul out of New Orleans. Can you imagine Paul feeding Blake Griffin all day?