A Season’s Progress of Ron Artest’s Hair (Infographic)

Is it still OK to call him Ron Artest? Or from now on until the end of time, it’s going to be Metta World Peace? Is it Mr. Peace or Mr. World Peace? Well, that’s for Play-by-Play guys and Lakers fans to worry about. Besides the name change, the most fun thing about the player formerly known as Mr. Artest is the hair.

Winning the NBA title in 2009-2010 with the Los Angeles Lakers, beating the Boston Celtics in a 7 game Finals series, the Lakers played 105 games. Artest played in 100 of them, missing 5 during the regular season. Besides his up and down play, the other thing that wasn’t consistent was what would show up on top of his head the following night.

From the opening night Special to the Champions Hat he got styled on his head, here are the highs and lows, best and worst of Ron Artest’s hair during the 2009-2010 season, brought to you via a rather smile raising Infographic.

Source: Visual.ly