Weird and Unusual Sports – Bog Snorkelling

Bog Snorkelling competitorImage: Source

In out third installment of the weird and unusual sports around the world, here is another gem from the United Kingdom – Bog Snorkelling. What is Bog Snorkelling ? Two competitors, racing to complete two consecutive lengths of a 55 meter water filled trench cut through a peat bog, wearing Snorkels and Flippers. In short, snorkelling through the mud, wearing a full body swimsuit (optional) and flippers, with conventional swimming strokes not allowed – only paddling with your flippers.

Rumors say the sports was conceived in 1976 around Gloucester – after a local bar ran dry of alcohol following a cricket match, and while everyone was leaving trying to find the nearest bar, some of the blokes swam through a bog , short cutting their way to the nearest bar.

Since 1985, The World Bog Snorkelling Championships are held annually at the dense Waen Rhydd peat bog, near Llanwrtyd Wells in Wale, during the Bank Holiday every August. Besides the regular championships, there are other bog competitions held mainly in Wales, including mountain bike bog snorkelling and the bog snorkelling triathlon. If you feel like becoming a bog snorkeler, start here.