Borussia Dortmund – Marco Reus Makes All the Difference

Batman & Robin

The return of Marco Reus didn’t change things immediately, but after a two match run of working the kinks out and playing out of position, the best German attacking midfielder has propelled Dortmund away from the bottom of the Bundesliga and up to where the air is clean, the mind is clear and reaching the Champions League doesn’t seem too difficult.

Reus has moved to the left wing after playing behind the striker in a different formation, something that didn’t work all that well for Klopp and Dortmund once he returned from his torn ankle ligament injury. The result? For goals in four matches, and most importantly four wins for Dortmund.

After languishing and suffering below the red line for most of the season, it seems that 2015 and the coming out of a winter break is working quite well for a club that has been one of the more enjoyable to watch in recent years.

Dortmund are now 10th in the Bundesliga, still only six points from the danger zone which means they’re not in a mode that allows them to get too giddy and complacent, but they’re also just eight points from the fourth spot that takes teams into the Champions League.

Reus has been playing some wonderful football, alongside Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang who has been just as hot over the last three weeks, scoring five goals in the four victories. If Klopp is capable of harnessing this magic and keeping it flowing (possibly in the Champions League against Juventus as well) for two more months, we’re going to see Dortmund end up pretty close to where we’re used to seeing them at the end of each season.

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