The Bosh-LeBron-Wade Trio and Another Amazing Night

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These are good days for the Miami Heat. These are excellent days for the Big three and especially for Chris Bosh, who seemed to take most of the blame during the 5 consecutive loss stretch, as brilliantly done and described here by the Midwestsportfans.

Those days are fading away in the rear view mirror as the Heat have won eight of their last nine games since March 10, including the Lakers win that turned things around and the Spurs beat-down. Last night it was another high-octane game against the Houston Rockets, ending, surprisingly, in the same result that the first game brought us – 125-119. Houston, still in the mix for the 8th playoff spot in the West are always fun to watch, but the Heat, which means LeBron-Wade-Bosh, were way too much.

All three scored over 30. All three had over 10 rebounds. And that’s where history and statistics come in – I love this part. First it was Bosh with 31 points and 12 rebounds, averaging 21 points and nearly 10 rebounds in his last 10 games. Bosh’s intensity, commitment and focus have doubled or maybe even more for the past two weeks, looking like he’s realizing that despite being the lesser building brick in this All-Star trio, he’s just as important and needs raise himself to the occasion.

LeBron James scored 33, along with 10 rebounds and 7 assists, his second straight 30-10 game. He’s been averaging nearly 28 points in the last 10 games. Dwyane Wade scored 30, adding 11 boards and 5 assists, his second consecutive game with a 30-10-5 stat line. Given it was the Sixers and Rockets the last two night, not exactly defensive beasts, but still, they’re lookin’ mighty fine at the moment. Offensively.

Back to statistics – The last time a team had 3 players scoring 30 points or more in a game where the Houston Rockets, just over a year ago – Kevin Martin, Aaron Brooks and Luis Scola combined for 94. But What about 30 points AND 10 rebounds? 1997 – Isiah Rider, Sabonis and Brian Grant doin’ it for the Blazers in a quadruple overtime game. The Heat did it in regulation. The last time that happened was when three hall of famers – Jack Twyman, Wayne Embry and one Oscar Robertson of the Cincinnati Royals lost to the Philadelphia Warriors, back in 1961.

One last thing – It was LeBron’s-Wade-Bosh’s second consecutive game when all three had at least a 20-10 night. They are the first trio of teammates to do so since 1975, when Sidney Wicks, Lloyd Neal and John Johnson did it for the Blazers.

Back to the present – The Heat are half a game behind Boston and 2.5 behind the Bulls. They still have a home stand against the Celtics which might be a decisive home court advantage setter for what looks like an impeding Eastern Conference Semi Final series. There’s nothing better for LeBron James than a meeting against the booing Cavs fans in Cleveland (a game the pretty much jump-started the Heat’s year way way back) to get himself warmed up for a season finish, mostly on the road.