Bosnia Fans Make the Most of Being Stuck on a Bridge

If everything continues according to plan, Bosnia and Herzegovina will finish first in group G of the UEFA World Cup Qualifiers for Brazil 2014, with a 3-1 win over Greece being a huge stepping stone towards achieving that goal. However, it’s not just the team, led by Edin Dzeko, that’s making headlines, but also the Ultras & fans of the national teams with some scenes from before the win.

Thousands of Bosnian fans making their way to the match were massed on a bridge, corralled by the police in order to maintain some order in the surrounding area near the stadium before the match.

It didn’t really make a difference to the fans, who simply locked arms and started jumping around like fans usually tend to do when the mood is right (although it’s probably slightly dangerous on a bridge), while a few improved the atmosphere with a few red flares lighting up. It turned out, a few hours later, they had plenty to be celebrating.