Boston Celtics – In Brad Stevens We Trust

Brad Stevens

A playoff appearance that probably came a year too early has the Boston Celtics excited about what they can do under Brad Stevens and this roster, but nothing is guaranteed.

Well, not exactly nothing. The Celtics have plenty of guaranteed deals going into next season, including one of Gerald Wallace which they’re trying to dump, hoping someone actually takes it, along with a first round draft pick they’re offering. Wallace is the most expensive player they have signed for next season, and even with him they’ll have¬†around $24 million (if the cap will indeed be $66.3 million) in free space to make signings.

Overall, the Celtics don’t need to move that much around. They’re getting plenty of talent in the draft with all of their picks for the next few years. They do need better shooting and rebounding, but all of that can be improved and without actually spending all of your available credit on it. The really important thing is also the most expensive one.

More than anything, the Boston Celtics need a star. There’s depth, there’s youth, and there’s a head coach that everyone is seemingly behind without question. But the Celtics aren’t going far with this concept unless they tweak it. It’s hard to look at the group of players they have now and even see someone developing into an All-Star player. The future is bright, but contingent on the Celtics actually signing a game-changer this offseason.

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