Boston Celtics – Keith Bogans is Another Overpaid Trading Chip

Keith Bogans

The wonders and complexities of the Salary cap make it so that a player averaging 4.2 points per game can make $5.1 million a season. The Boston Celtics have plenty of bad deals on their roster now, all of them with the potential to be moved next season, and Keith Bogans is included.

The big names in the trade they pulled off with the Brooklyn Nets were Gerald Wallace (on a horrible deal worth $30 million for three years), Kris Humphries ($12 million, expiring deal) and Marshon Brooks (actually a good pickup). But the Nets needed another player, with around mid-level exception money on his tab, to pull it off completely.

So what happened? Keith Bogans got resigned for four times his previous salary. The 33 year old, 10-year veteran doesn’t do much but bring good defense and hit open three points. “3 And D” players as some call them. Bogans averaged only 0.5 2-pt field goal attempts last season as a matter of fact, and made $1.2 million for it.

However, the Nets needed to send more cap fillers Boston’s way, so Bogans was chosen for the job. His new deal is for three seasons, but only the first year is guaranteed. The Celtics can cut him loose in the 2014 summer and either put Bogans out of an NBA job or back to the veteran’s minimum circle.

However, players with mid-level contracts such as the one Bogans currently has are very useful in big trades, and it seems like the Celtics, not planning on winning too much next season, are going to be involved in more trading that sheds some unnecessary fat from their roster, and Bogans’ $5 million a year might be very useful when a number of players or even three teams are involved. That, of course,¬†means he could get moved and that salary picked up for another season because of its value as a trade value.

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