Boston Celtics – Too Old or Just Experienced Meme

So are the Boston Celtics too old to beat the Miami Heat in game 7? Maybe they’re a better team than their Eastern Conference Finals rivals? Maybe their just experienced and resilient, with age being a benefit and not a deficiency? Like everything, everyone has the ‘right’ opinion in hindsight.

Because after they lost their first two games in the series, they were too old. Kevin Garnett needed the rest, Ray Allen’s legs left him, Paul Pierce was just too old, too slow and too weak to handle LeBron James. Rajon Rondo was the only player the could count on.

After the three consecutive wins in Games 3-5, the tone suddenly changed. Kevin Garnett looked dominant, like he was 5 years younger, a new arrival from the Timberwolves. Paul Pierce was dominant despite not finding his shooting touch again. Enough to nail a dagger of a three in Game 5. Ray Allen found his golden stroke from beyond the arc again. Not old anymore. Just veterans who play great basketball.

What’s the truth? The truth is it all depends on the result. Explaining why things happened in sports is probably the hardest thing. Sometimes, players have bad days and players have good days. Sometimes it’s just that simple. But the media, TV or newspapers or Internet need to explain every result, every occurrence, with something a bit above simplistic reasoning. Old, Veterans. It’s all a matter of result. All a matter of perception.