Amir Khan Gets Not so Tempting Offer From Timothy Bradley

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As Amir Khan gets ready for his fight with Lamont Peterson a month from now, allegedly his last in the Light Welterweight division before moving up to Welterweight, Timothy Bradley (also preparing for his fight in 10 days against Joel Casamayor) has offered the IBF/WBA champ a 50-50 split and another unification bout at Light Welterweight.

Amir Khan has bigger targets on his sight actually. Floyd Mayweather for example, a fight he’s been planning on since beating Zab Judah back in July. The constant twittering and via media talk-backs seem to have gotten the chances of that fight actually happening slightly up from the zero they seemed when this whole thing began.

Khan actually pursued a fight with Bradley for quite some time, but the American who fights out of Palm Springs, California, refused. Many reasons were behind his refusal, which also got him stripped from his WBC Light Welterweight title. Money mostly. Bradley sees himself in some sort of caliber that deserves more than 1.3 million dollars which was offered to him last time Khan offered a fight.

A chance to fight Pacquiao was also a consideration – Bradley said that fighting Khan for that kind of money wasn’t worth the shot of losing and falling out of the potential Pacquiao opponents pool. Recently, especially since Bradley changed promoters, moving into the Bob Arum stock, the chances of him fighting Manny looked better, but it seems that it isn’t what’s in store for him.

The one thing that Bradley’s not counting on is him not being worth the 50-50 split. Khan, worldwide, is a much bigger name than Bradley. He isn’t anything near a superstar in the United States, but Bradley isn’t either. Khan, anywhere, is a bigger caliber fighter, for justified or not reasons.

I don’t think Khan should take the Bradley fight, not now, and especially not for a 50-50 split. Bradley missed opportunities because of greed and reading the maps right. He missed his chance. Let him stay undefeated but without the fight(s) he really wants to get the respect he doesn’t deserve.