Brandão Headbutts Thiago Motta, Breaks His Nose & Runs Away

We don’t exactly know what happened between Brandao and Thiago Motta during the match between PSG and Bastia in the French Ligue 1, but the end result was Brandão waiting for him in the tunnel area, headbutting him in the face and then running away into a corridor. The result? A broken nose.

Not only is this some sort of assault that can be treated beyond the confines of football decision making, but the cowardly act of running away from repercussion makes Brandão’s actions even more despicable.

In the match itself, part of the second week of action in France, PSG won 2-0, with goals from Lucas Moura and Edinson Cavani.

There is obviously punishment coming in the way of the 34-year old Brazilian who joined Bastia this summer. It’ll be another case interesting to compare to the Luis Suarez suspension, as biting is far less worse or dangerous than the attack Brandão initiated on another player.