Brandon Jacobs Gets Money From 6-Year Old Giants Fan

Why isn’t Brandon Jacobs a New York Giants player anymore? Well, they didn’t have enough money to keep him (and others), leading him to sign with the San Francisco 49ers. Upon hearing that he ‘doesn’t have enough money’, a 6-year-old fan of the Giants and Jacobs sent him $3.36, so he can have money and stay with the ‘poor Giants’.

Breaking the truth to young kids is always hard, and when six year old Joseph, from New York, asked his dad why Brandon Jacobs isn’t playing for the Giants next season, instead going to San Francisco, his mom answered – Because the Giants couldn’t afford him.

So Joseph busted open his piggy bank, and sent Jacobs, a two time Super Bowl champion with the Giants and the franchise’s all time leader in rushing touchdowns (56), falling a bit in his production in recent years, three dollars and thirty six cents so the 29 year old running back can stay with the Giants.

The letter in full said –

My 6-year-old son, Joseph, is a huge NY Giants fan. Last year, he had the opportunity to go to a game and he just fell in love with the team. He was very sad to learn that both you and Mario Manningham are no longer with the team. When he asked me why you were going to SF, I explained that the Giants did not have enough money to keep you. So, in an effort to convince you to return to NY, he wrote you the enclosed letter and included money for you from his piggy bank.

Joseph is just learning to read/write, so I will help by translating his letter:

“Dear Brandon Jacobs,

So you could go to the Giants, here is my money.

Love, Joe”

Obviously, Jacobs, who posted the picture of the letter and the money on his twitter account, was touched by the gesture, already promising to take the boy out with his own son and go eat somewhere together. The only question left is – Why didn’t Mario Manningham receive money from the kid?