Brandon Roy Retirement Plans Out of Nowhere

The Blazers might have been announcing that they’re planning to see Brandon Roy for the beginning of training camp, but it seems that the 3 time NBA All-Star is planning on announcing his retirement from the NBA after only five season in the league due to his recurring knee problems.

The Amnesty Clause might be the trigger, or the final straw. Roy has close ties to the Portland community and to fans. With speculations of the Blazers using the amnesty clause on Roy’s contract, like the Spurs did with Richard Jefferson this week, his mind might have been made up for him. Roy doesn’t want to be in a reduced role, and certainly not to be cut.

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The Blazers’ front office was actually talking about NOT using the amnesty clause and even making Roy the starting point guard, despite his difficulties, despite the risk. Roy played in only 47 regular season games in 2010-2011, averaging a career low 12.2 points. He didn’t start once in the playoffs, averaging 9.3 points per game.

According to Roy, he lacks cartilage in his knees – no cushion between the bones. Roy was operated on back in January, and has missed nearly 100 games of regular season playing time during the five years he’s been in the league. He was the NBA’s rookie of the year in 2007. He has averaged 19 points, 4.3 rebounds and 4.7 assists during his seasons with the Blazers.