Bruno Torres, the Worst Injury in the History of Football?

The Euro Beach Soccer League doesn’t usually make headlines, but Bruno Torres’ horrific injury, one of the worst ever seen and caught on camera in any sport, put the summer-time version of the world’s most popular sport in the spotlight for a less than desired reason.

In match between Portugal and Spain that took place on June 8 during Stage 1 in Italy, Cristian Torres attempted an unsuccessful scissor kick of a corner, while Bruno Torres from Portugal got tangled up with his opponents’ legs. Bruno Torres’ knee was ruptured in two, and half of the players on the pitch couldn’t even stomach the sight of the injury, running away in horror.

There was a similar injury to a Danish player, Henrik Andersen, during the Euro 1992 semi final between Denmark and the Netherlands. That injury kept Andersen out of the game for nearly 2 years. He never played against for the national team, and his club career with FC Koln was never the same.

We hope that Bruno Torres will have a shorter rehabilitation time, and can return as soon as possible to the game he loves.