LeBron James Memorabilia No One Wants in Cleveland Anymore

LeBron James leaving Cleveland might be the worst thing to happen in Cleveland sports since the Browns left the city. That’s not me saying, that’s some angry fans. And I’m sure a lot feel exactly the same. Reports and predictions state that the city is going to take a major financial hit now that James left town. Maybe that’s a bit of exaggerating, maybe not, but still, James meant a lot of cash to city, besides the potential success and glory his presence portrayed. Just to remind you again how pissed off people are about all this here’s the video. Below are just some of stuff Cavs fans have burnt and/or will never buy again.

LeBron James Bronze Medallion

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Kind of symbolic, don’t you think? James has one Olympic Bronze medal from the 2004 games in Athens and also one from the 2006 FIBA World Championships. Bronze also means you haven’t won the big thing. There are golden medallions with LeBron’s face and name on them, but Bronze has more of a meaning in Cleveland, with LeBron failing to deliver the title after seven seasons.

MVP Basketball

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Woah! You can get this baby for 700$, not including delivery. Any fan that wants to remember LeBron was the best player in the league during the last two seasons but still couldn’t lead his team into the NBA Finals, this is for you.

LeBron James Print & Plaque

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The lovable powder toss ceremony before games. Miami, its all yours now. Oh, and this baby is yours for 68 bucks.

LeBron James Sneakers

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For over 2200 dollars, and they’re yours! Just a reminder of the shoes someone in Cleveland needs to fill after maybe the biggest sports superstar in the history of the City decided he’d rather play ball (for tons of money, of course) with his buddies down at Miami than fight and lead the Cavs to their first title.

LeBron James Bobblehead

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Everyone who bought this and put it on your nightstand or dresser, it’s time to throw it in the trash or just do a massive bonfire with all the LJ23 collectibles in the state of Ohio.

And Finally, the Witness T-Shirt

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