Canelo vs Angulo – The Make Me Look Good Fight

Canelo vs Angulo

After getting a boxing masterclass in his fight and first loss for stepping in the ring with Floyd Mayweahter, Canelo Alvarez was back to dominating and looking excellent with a 10th round TKO victory over the slow and defenseless Alfredo Angulo, not looking like a close fight for even a second.

After a loss to Mayweahter, Golden Boy’s golden egg needed some pampering. He’s 23, with plenty of big fights down the line, so the first thing to do after losing his first ever fight was setting him up with someone who had no chance of beating him, but is a relatively known name so it won’t look like an absolute sham.

Angulo, also coming off a loss, fit the bill perfectly. He was coming off a loss, but was probably simply happy with the payday and nothing else. His legs don’t move too well, and the arms and head as well. He stood there, taking punishment from Alvarez. he didn’t get knocked out and even had a brief moment in the 8th of actually fighting back, but Canelo responded to everything thrown at him, and by the 10th round, despite the booing from the fans, referee Tony Weeks felt he saw enough of uppercts and head snapping to call off the fight.

Angulo obviously made the most of the stoppage, saying he was ready to go on for more, and he was waiting for Alvarez to tire in the final two-three rounds. But there was nothing about this fight indicating he had what it takes to change things around, looking like someone who had nothing to offer but his chin while Alvarez looked good, aggressive and hungry from the first moment he stepped in the ring.

There was some controversy regarding the weight in the fight: Alvarez knew he wasn’t going to make the 154 according to the contract, so he paid $100,000 to Angulo to change the weight to 155, and a Saturday weigh-in which doesn’t allow anyone to be more than 168. By the time the fight started, Alvarez was at 174 pounds on Showtime’s scale and Angulo was 170 — light heavyweights more or less. It didn’t seem to slow down or hurt Alvarez in terms of speed and accuracy, landing 197 out of 309 punches thrown, compared to only 21% connecting by Angulo.

What’s next? A lot probably depends on the Cotto – Martinez fight. Golden Boy and Showtime have two more Pay Per View fights lined up for Alvarez this year – July 26 and November 22. Many think that he’s popular enough that it won’t matter who gets in the ring with him, but in order to hit that magical one million mark, there’s a good chance Canelo’s crew is hoping Miguel Cotto is the one who prevails from his fight with Sergio Martinez, and bringing in the two fanbases together for one fight can create the biggest payday possible for fighters not named Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather.

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